How To Grow Your Penis Naturally And Without Surgery

How to grow your penis

how-to-grow-your-penisIf you would like to find out how to grow your penis? then you are just like most of guys out there. It is only natural for males to want a bigger manhood, but finding the right information on how to grow your penis might be quite tricky.

For lots of guys, having a bigger penis is a lot more than just having the confidence to boast about it.

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How to grow your penis

Whatever reasons you may have for wanting to extend/grow your penis, imagine how you will feel being able to start your penis growing routine this week?

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What are you waiting for?

You can actually START to train your penis very soon and work towards real results. There are two ways that can be performed for bigger, longer thicker wider penis.

how-to-grow-your-penis-naturallyHow to grow your penis, method 1: The first method is to continually stretch your penis, this will cause the cells in the tissues of the penis to separate and grow, just like the way body builders build their muscles.

How to grow your penis, method 2: The second way to grow your penis would be to increase the blood flow/circulation to the penis, this can be achieved through pills, patches and even some oils.

I would not opt for a surgical procedure as there are other methods out there that are medically backed and proven to work.
Of course, if you have a spare 5 grand + you can actually do that, but you need to know two very important things that will convince you not to.

  • Penis extension devices can work.
  • SizeGenetics™ is one of the best penis extending devices on the market to date, and probably the most comfortable.

padaung-tribeSizegenetics (penis extender) work by using both methods I said earlier, It stretches the penis and increases the blood flow, remember how I said about the body builder? also like the technique adopted by the Padaung tribe to extend the length of their neck.

If you do decide to invest in a traction device and don’t actually use it because it’s uncomfortable, you won’t see any gains, which only leads to more frustration and increased disappointment and you really don’t want that.
The SizeGenetics device as I mentioned earlier, Is probably the most comfortable of all Penis traction devices thanks to the new 58 way comfort technology it employs.

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How to grow your penis

My advice to you is to always try to go down the natural route first before you go under the knife. Use a good quality and medically backed traction device such as SizeGenetics for extra length and a quality penis pump like Penomet for extra girth that way you will have minimum or no risk at all.

Now you know how to grow your penis, it is all up to you. As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water…


Gains of 1.8 inches in length in only 4 months!!

…just four months on I simply can’t believe the results! My erection, which, back in Feb was 6.9 inches in length and 5.4 inches in girth is now a whopping 8.7 inches in length and 6.0 inches in girth! (See photos as evidence).

My wife can’t believe it either and my proudest moment happened recently when she returned home with a few packs of XL condoms, which fit great! – (regular sized condoms had become very uncomfortable to wear…a nice problem to have!). Lovemaking is also better than ever! I now have really good control and orgasms are much more intense ( for both of us! )” – Richard Phoenix

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